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The professional team at MW Training Consultants provide over 25 years of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) expertise across a wide range of contexts and applications. Headed by business founder and Director Irena Morgan. Irena for many years has been a Federal Government recognised Quality Assurance (QA) Consultant and now Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Panel Member. Irena is not only the owner of the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), MW Training Consultants, but she is a recognised Language, Literacy and Numeracy expert. Irena  developed and wrote the only nationally accredited Certificate IV in LLN Training & Assessment.  Irena has also developed and written the Course in Applied Core Skills, the only course aligned directly to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

Irena delivers nationally a series of very well received workshops to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector on "LLN practice in VET", including practical tips and applications to support improved servicing of students of all ages who undertake vocational programs while having language, literacy and numeracy training needs.

MW Training has been successful in securing WELL funding for a variety of projects, including the improvement of employment opportunities for Indigenous youth in rural and remote Australia.

Our team offers a consultancy service that provides a 'solutions focus' and cost effective solutions to any workplace, educational or training situation where language, literacy and numeracy considerations are required. We have available a range of vocationally specific resources to support learners with LLN needs across 20 different industry contexts see here.

For a no cost, no obligation initial discussion regarding any workplace, educational or training issue please call Irena or Michelle on (07) 3283 7881.




Hi to the friendly staff at MW.

I have submitted the last unit on Easter Sunday for processing. I have mixed feelings about finishing this journey.

I would like to pass on my feedback from the course.

On commencement I felt lost and very much over whelmed by the unit and did not have an understanding of what was required and where to find the information. My first contact with the assessor (Glenyss) gave me some great tips and this really helped. If I am honest even once I submitted the unit I still thought I was learning another language. I pushed myself to continue even though on many occasions I wanted to just stop. The reason I kept going at this stage was that I really wanted the additional skills to be able to help my students on a daily basis. This battle continued through the second and third units.

Then after submitting the third unit Glenyss kindly offered her number for me to contact her. I was very reluctant to do so as when I did my TAA five years ago I had a bad experience  contacting the assessor. When I asked a question on more than one occasion the response was always “I can not answer the question for you” and would not give any help at all. During the fourth unit I was totally stuck so I got enough courage to call Glenyss and this was one of the best calls I have ever made. She is so easy to talk to, without giving the answer she points you in the direction that you need to go. It was at this point the whole world opened up and everything I read I understood. I grew in confidence at a amazing rate. I was calling Glenyss almost on a daily basis, not only for help but to share different information I had found. The last three units were  so enjoyable to do. The last conversation I had with Glenyss I asked what other courses I could do but stressed she must assess those qualifications. I want to continue learning and you are very lucky to have an assessor like Glenyss.

I was happy to have all my units finished before the completion date of the 1st of April and am now just waiting for the feedback from Glenyss which I find to even develop my understanding more.


Thanking you.

In particular Thanks Glenyss

Steve C.

  • Dionne, Taxi Industry

    At Short Notice

    Thanks for all your efforts with the ACSF workshops for the taxi industry. Your flexible approach to the project and your ability to develop and deliver the workshops at short notice was really appreciated. The workshop learning environment was positive and supportive. The workshop provided a useful overview of the ACSF. Activities involved in determining ACSF levels helped to develop the concept of the progression of skill levels. Thanks again for the work you have done.
  • Robyn, Hospitality Industry


    The workshop was lots of fun (I mean work) and very worthwhile.
  • Anastasia Fidow

    Tailored Delivery

    Thank you for tailoring your delivery to meet the diverse needs of our company. I found your flexible and holistic approach motivating. Your wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to implement ACSF was well received as one year later we have actively embedded the ACSF into much of our processes across our entities – we recognised the value to our staff and clients and we implemented it. Thanks again for your support and guidance.

Irena Morgan:
Director and Resource Developer



• Master of Adult Education

University of New England, NSW

• Graduate Diploma of Applied Linguistics

Griffith University , Qld

• Bachelor of Arts & Diploma of Education

Monash University, Vic

• Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership


• Diploma of Quality Auditing

ACMS Canberra, ACT

• Advanced Diploma of Language, Literacy & Numeracy Practice in VET


• Diploma of Business Administration


• Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Training Australia Unlimited P/L , Qld

• Certificate IV in Language, Literacy & Numeracy Assessment and Training

ComMET P/L, Victoria

• Certificate IV in Retail Management

MWTC Pty Ltd

• Certificate I in Information Technology

MW Training Consultants

• Internal Auditor Course

QA Consultants, Qld


• Doctor of Education (2 years completed )

QUT, Qld

• Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit and Philanthropic Studies

QUT, Qld

• Graduate Diploma in TESOL: Methods in TESOL Teaching & Competency- Based Training and Assessment

Deakin University, Vic